Areas of Expertise

Development of projects and design of equipment

  • ♦ technical concept, financial model of project and its optimal structure
  • ♦ development of new power plant equipment for power market, classic steam boilers, Heat    Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG), Virtual LNG Distribution Pipeline Concept (v-LNG-DP)
  • ♦ technical solutions according to local conditions and requirements of a client
  • ♦ design of power plants and power plant equipment according to tenders requirements
  • ♦ development and optimization of individual components of equipment for power market
  • ♦ design of low emission systems, operation optimization effectiveness and reliability increase
  • ♦ financial analysis of projects, preparation of financing and implementation model
  • ♦ development of own software for power engineering
  • ♦ studies, power audits
  • ♦ local staff training
  • ♦ analysis of technical and power requirements of customer and proposal for optimization

Engineering and Technical Documentation

  • ♦ design of power plants and power plant equipment according to defined contract condition
  • ♦ design of boilers without any limits in kind of fuel and parameters
  • ♦ design of buildings and civil structures in relation to power plants and power plant equipment
  • ♦ design of steel structures
  • ♦ design of measuring, monitoring and control systems
  • ♦ design of high-voltage and low-voltage electric equipment and distribution systems
  • ♦ design of conveyors of loose material, transportation and storege of liquids and gases
  • ♦ design of power centres, distribution and pipeline systems
  • ♦ creation of manufacturing documentation for individual components,as-built“ documentation

Owners engineering, Supervision, Technical assistance and Licensing

  • ♦ engineering and technical documentation for power plant equipment and power plants for purpose of    preparation of bidding conditions and tenders
  • ♦ technical assistance for turn key investors in preparation of tender documentation and whole tenders
  • ♦ evaluation of offers and technical & business consulting in selection of the sub-supplier of power    plant equipment and technology
  • ♦ supervision of technical documentation preparation by sub-suppliers, consulting activities for    investors
  • ♦ supervision in manufacturing and assembly of power plant equipment
  • ♦ supervision in operation start-up commissioning, guarantee measurements and sub-suppliers claims    removal
  • ♦ sales of engineering, licences, technical documentation created according own know-how,    technological equipment and spare parts

Manufacturing, Procurement and Completion of Power Plant equipment

  • ♦ manufacturing of power plant equipment under professional supervision of own engineers and quality   managers
  • ♦ procurement of power plant equipment from selected sub-suppliers
  • ♦ packaging, insurance and transport of particular power plant equipment to site, storing, loading and    unloading
  • ♦ completion of supplied power plant equipment

Procurement, Erection & Commissioning

  • ♦ procurement or designed or specified technology
  • ♦ erection and commissioning of supplied power plant equipment according to own technical    documentation
  • ♦ erection and commissioning of particular customer-ordered technology from different suppliers
  • ♦ supervision of erection executed by sub-suppliers or customer ordered company
  • ♦ individual testing and commissioning of supplied equipment
  • ♦ professional training of local staff for O&M services
  • ♦ technical assistance in equipment operation

Warranty and After-warranty Services

  • ♦ warranty services for supplied power equipment and plants according to contract conditions
  • ♦ spare parts supplies and service interventions according to needs and requirements of customer    during the whole life-time of supplied equipment
  • ♦ preventive maintenance and overhauls of supplied equipment according to in advance agreed   maintenance and repairs plans based on long-time contracts with customer
  • ♦ warranty and after-warranty service via own capacities and by specialised sub-suppliers

Individual services, Business and Financial activities

  • ♦ technical, commercial and financial consulting
  • ♦ business representation and marketing
  • ♦ preparation of export financing and co-operation with export supporting institutions as Exim banks    and other ECAs
  • ♦ participation in professional conferences, seminars and business missions
  • ♦ co-operation with European and world funds for support of enterprising development and    environmental protection

Scope of Supply and Services in One Picture