About Us

Who we are and How it happens

Company Istroenergo International,a.s. (IEI) is Engineering company, developer of EPC delivery structures and developer of new projects or technologies for power plant business on the global market. Established in 1997. IEI is based in Levice, Slovakia, central EU-at the region with historical presence of power market activities.

In 1952 last century there was started in the region unique boiler and boiler houses designing and producing company SES Tlmace, This company owned by government and step by step to largest central European boiler producer participating on power plant projects around the world.

The peeks of growth and success of this company with more than 8 thousands employees in the region and being part of several hundred’s thousands employees SKODA Holding was reached at the end of 80s when the governmental business as well as political situation was completely changed in Slovakia as well as in all East Europe. In every case the past development injected to the region, to the families as well as to individuals the engineering and power market positive approach and skills, which succeeded to survive in the region also after during development of the market economy and democratic system and since today.

Based on the above and as a successors of the earlier decades of governmental development in the Levice region there where established number of more or less successful private engineering offices, manufacturers of power plant components or EPC contractors. This development was time to time supported by participation of branch offices of famous power companies and OEMs (original Equipment Manufacturers) as well as by the long lasting construction, commissioning and operation of the second Slovakia nuclear power plant Mochovce (4x440 MW) located in the region.

Founders and still recent partners of IEI belongs to the more successful engineering group, which succeeded to penetrate to the international market with Engineering and full scale EPC contracting services mainly in between 1992 since 2015 under the name Istroenergo Group (IEG). Istroenergo International supported IEG in his business from the beginning but did not compete in. After IEG terminated his activities IEI become active and is only one successor having irrevocable rights to utilize IEG know how and references.

Based on the above IEI is today the company with long term business development skills, with the international connections, the global presence, all the know-how, creativity and flexibility. IEI is credible partner for every organizations and institutions having the business place in Levice and focusing to supply services to international market. Is supporter and it is supported by other similar nature engineering or production companies in Slovakia, is partner for large International EPC contractors for execution EPC projects or projects development. Rather than concentrate on number of employees IEI has the ambitions to integrate the local resources and to be strong supporter for other contractors for international market with the engineering, creativity and flexibility nature

On top of historical skills and references IEI management set up the strategy needed for succeed in new projects and to bring creative solutions to the clients and added value for their projects. The key activities are now concentrated on the following:

  • To bring added value and to became supportive partner for large International EPC contractors successful in the global power plant market
  • To be creative in initial project development activities, doing initial development engineering or renovation and modernization projects
  • To be able to set up and organize optimal financing structure for new projects in collaboration with OEMs, Banks, EPCs Insurance and Export agencies
  • Participate on the development of the “small scale” LNG business for global market and by this strategy to open new market for the powerplant capacities 2-300 MW

The market strategy of IEI is based on the complexity of the scope of activities and services offered to recent dynamic power market as well as number of reputable local companies willing to support IEI, the support of other Slovak governmental or private organizations and support of international corporations or OEM leaders.